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Crystal Clear Digital Audio

On international events with many different nationalities and languages, interpreters do their utmost to make sure that all attendees have a perfect understanding of the speakers’ words.

It is obvious that this effort deserves the best possible technology to bring the interpreted speech within the reach of the audience.

Aladdin does just that. It delivers perfect audio quality to the audience using Digital Infrared signal transmission.

Typical application for Aladdin
Aladdin T8 - 8 channel transmitter
Aladdin R8 - 8 channel receiver
Aladdin CHC 60 pcs - Charging case for 60 pieces

Interference-free digital quality

Due to its digital nature Aladdin is immune to interferences produced by high frequency lighting devices. Even when used outdoors, Aladdin will outperform analog systems.

The crystal clear audio and perfect intelligibility will provide the listener with a high degree of user comfort and an enjoyable listening experience.


Aladdin complies with IEC 61603-7, the industry standard for digital infrared transmission This makes Aladdin compatible and interchangeable with equipment that is compliant with the same standard.

The analog line-level inputs to the Aladdin transmitter allow connection to any third party conference system to distribute interpreted languages.


The Aladdin receiver is ergonomically designed. The wide reception angle provides easy reception of the IR signals and LCD display shows the language listened to as text and as channel number.