Aladdin RAD25 - High power digital infrared radiator

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The Aladdin RAD25 is a high power (25W) radiator used to emit infrared signals throughout a conference room enabling delegates of the meeting to listen to the speaker in their native tongue.

Depending on the size of the room one or more radiators will distribute the audio signals to the IR reveivers. Up to 30 radiators can be connected in daisy chain on one HF output of the Aladdin T8 transmitter.

Transmitting at a frequency from 2 to 8 MHz the digital system is immune to interference from high frequency lighting systems.

Adjustable radiation angles ensure a maximum coverage.

The radiator automatically follows the state of the transmitter. A temperature protection system switches the radiator from full to half power or off in case the temperature becomes too high.

Automatic gain control ensures a maximum transmission efficiency compensating the attenuation of the used cables.

Differences in cable lenghts between transmitters and radiators are compensated with the delay switch.

When used in smaller conference rooms the radiator can be switched to half power.

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