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Confidea F is a new range of Plixus® Powered conference panels designed specifically for easy and flush integration into the furniture of boardrooms, meeting rooms, parliamentary debating rooms, council rooms and auditoria.

The full range of 11 different models allow to create a solution tailored to the needs of any application, with models for basic discussion, for applications that include electronic voting and for high-end applications that include simultaneous interpretation.

Confidea F improves intelligibility during meetings and debates, allows for electronic voting or creates an environment where people of multiple nationalities are able to participate in a discussion in their own language.

With Confidea-F you can create the ideal meeting environment with the conference equipment integrated flush in the furniture: easy, clean and unobtrusive

Plixus Powered

Since Confidea F is designed for use on the Plixus® network it takes full benefit of the Plixus audio processing and routing capabilities. It can also be combined with any other Plixus Powered product to create the most suitable solution for any install.

Highly Customisable

Confidea F has been designed with flexibility in mind. The modular architecture offers a wealth of possibilities to combine and rearrange functionality to meet specific needs.

Those needs can be specific for :

  • Color: to match interior design

  • Shape
: to fit existing furniture 
  • Combination of functionality: to accomodate the way an organisation works
  • Text screening: include a logo of the organisation, modified text or different color
Modular construction of Confidea F

Easy for integrators

Confidea F has been designed to take up a minimum of space in the furniture. For each combination of functionality there is a separately designed panel.

All functions have been arranged in such a way hat they take up a minimum amount of space, while still leaving enough space between the controls so that there is no compromise on user-friendliness. The minimalistic design fits the new Televic family look and makes integration easier.

The rounded corners make it easier for furniture builders to create a milled-out recessed area to fit the panel. In this way a clean and professionally looking integration can be achieved with the conference equipment sitting snug and perfectly flush.