Lingua Radiator - High power digital infrared radiator

The Lingua RAD is a high power (25 W) radiator used to emit infrared signals throughout a conference room to enable delegates to listen to the speaker in their native tongue. The radiator has been built to be as small and light as possible, making it perfect for quick & mobile installations. Additionally, its automatic Delay Line Compensation makes setups an absolute breeze by automatically calculating compensations in a venue with multiple radiators. A VESA mount at the back makes installations flexible.

Crystal-clear Coverage Everywhere

Depending on the size of the venue, one or more radiators will distribute the audio signals to the IR receivers. Up to 20 radiators can be connected in daisy chain on one HF output of the Lingua transmitter.

By transmitting at a frequency from 2 to 10 MHz, the digital system is immune to interference from high-frequency lighting systems. Finally, the Lingua RAD's adjustable radiation angles ensure a maximum coverage.

Smart & Energy-efficient

The Lingua radiator automatically follows the state of the Lingua transmitter: it goes to standby if there is no signal from the transmitter. A temperature protection system switches the radiator from full to half power, or completely off in case the temperature becomes too high. When used in smaller conference rooms, the Lingua radiator can be switched to half power.

No Dead Spots

In traditional language distribution systems with multi-radiator setups, cables of different lengths resulted in dead spots. Automatic Delay Line Compensation prevents this phenomenon and also eliminates the hassle of manually configuring each radiator and instead offers a plug & play solution. Even if the configuration changes last minute. Instead, Automatic Delay Line Compensation saves time and effort by automatically calculating the required compensation needed in multi Lingua radiator setups.

Up & Running in No Time

The new Lingua radiator is also significantly lighter and smaller than traditional, bulky radiators still offering the same coverage. The way radiators need to be mounted varies from venue to venue. Therefore a standard VESA mount option has been chosen as fixing method, providing a multitude of options to mount the radiators. All this results in a perfect solution for quick and mobile installs, where setup times are essential.

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