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Plixus Video-IN Box
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Video Distribution on PLIXUS®: Inject and Extract Video Streams Anywhere

Televic’s forward-looking Plixus® network architecture laid the foundations to create rich meetings, with video moving to the front today. The conference architecture was built for Full HD 1080p video with a delay of a single frame, all over a standard CAT 5e cable. Now, with the addition of Plixus Video-IN & Video-OUT Boxes, working with video anywhere on the conference network becomes effortless.

Place a Video-IN or OUT Box anywhere in the conference room to inject or extract:

  • Video of the active speaker (talking heads)
  • Presentations from a central laptop
  • Video from external sources

Combined with a Video-SELECT panel, participants can choose from up to 6 streams. A Video-REQUEST panel allows a participant to request that his or her video stream become available on the Plixus® network.

Finally, oprators have full control over the video streams and routing options thanks to CoCon Video Routing.

Order reference:  
71.98.2920 Video-IN Box
71.98.2922 Video-OUT Box
71.98.2923 Video SELECT Panel
71.98.2921 Video REQUEST Panel 
71.98.1113 CoCon Video Routing