Televic Selects Redpine Signals Wi-Fi Technology (15-09-2011)

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Televic Selects Redpine Signals Wi-Fi Technology for the Next Generation of its Confidea® Audio Conferencing Solution

Redpine’s ultra low power 802.11n chipset and customized MAC provide an advanced wireless solution for Confidea®

Izegem (Belgium) – September 14, 2011 – Televic Conference, creator of high end conferencing solutions, today announced that it will adopt Wi-Fi® technology from Redpine Signals, Inc., a leading developer of ultra low power and high-performance multi-standard wireless chipsets and systems, to develop the future generation of its Confidea® Wireless conference system. The product line will take advantage of industry proven, ultra-low power 802.11 Wi-Fi® along with Redpine’s proprietary enhancements designed to deliver low latency audio streams with guaranteed quality of service.

The unique multi-band Confidea® wireless conference system includes a wireless access point (WCAP) and a variety of delegate and chairman units that provide voice connectivity in 40 language channels with eight microphones simultaneously open for discussion along with general voting capabilities, which is a major upgrade over competing systems using digital infrared. The unique system is already used by parliaments and international European institutions.

The requirements for the audio conferencing market include reliability and confidentiality in technology along with the most robust and secure wireless connection. “Confidea® Wireless is one of our flagship products and given its success we want to raise the bar with respect to performance and range of conferencing solutions by using Redpine’s ultra low-power Wi-Fi chipsets,” said Bart Deschodt, General Manager of Televic Conference. “The use of 802.11n data rates and packet formats, dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz operation, advanced encryption, long battery life, and the ability to customize the solution to our needs were all important to us.”

Redpine’s dual-band Lite-Fi® modules use a proprietary processor that enables the modification of the MAC protocol to meet the stringent requirements of the conference audio system while minimizing load on the host system. Ultra low power wireless connections ensure battery operation of the units for long durations – enabling fully wireless, clean and easy deployment.

“Redpine has innovated significantly in the optimization of Wi-Fi in a number of emerging wireless scenarios,” said Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals. “We have successfully adapted standards-compliant Wi-Fi for high density stadium environments, long range rural access, and multi-channel high QoS voice applications. We are excited about our partnership with Televic and participating in the advanced versions of its highly successful Confidea product line,” he added.