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Successful moderated meetings worldwide are powered by Televic Conference solutions.

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In record time, Televic realized the entire audiovisual concept, completely made-to-measure. We also emphasize Televic’s expertise, creativity, and flexibility in this high-stakes project.

United Nations: Room XVII

The Lingua Interpreter Desks are easy to use, reliable and very user-friendly. I can now see why the IMO and other international organisations have decided to put their conference interpreting needs in the hands of Televic. 

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Televic's state-of-the-art professional, multilingual conferencing equipment provides the tools we needed for our meetings to be purposeful without having the technology hinder the ebb and flow of our debates.

Discover Lingua Interpreter Desk

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Working at Televic gives you a chance to work on the future of innovative communication technology. You'll join over 700 people who make it easier for people, systems, and technology to work together.

Televic Conference is hard at work to make sure that participants in moderated meetings reach decision faster and easier. We make software and hardware that allow the largest institutions in the world to get the message across loud and clear to everyone involved.

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