Audio Quality

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"How many times did you attend a meeting whereby you could no longer follow the discussion because you simply could not understand what was being said?  Council members need to hear and be heard perfectly at all times."

With dedicated delegate units, city council members enjoy crisp audio which is not disturbed by attendees ruffling papers, snorting noses, and the like.      

The Televic sound has been perfected over decades and allows council members to focus and listen attentively during extended meetings.  

Perfectly intelligible audio not only improves the quality of the meeting for the attending council members but is also crucial for transcription, recording, and streaming purposes.

"Not only do Televic's microphones deliver excellent sound quality, but the system also allows me to adjust various audio parameters, even the microphone sensitivity for each delegate"

We make it easy to record the meeting audio. A simple button on our engines allows you to control when to start and stop recording.

  • Record the meeting audio as mp3 on the Plixus engine, the conference system's central unit or USB drive
  • Download the audio from an intuitive web interface
  • Use extended recording solutions to record separate channels and include metadata