Confidea FLEX

Meet the most versatile tabletop conference device. Coming at ISE 2020.

Discover the Future of Wired Conferencing

Meetings are more dynamic than ever. From the number of participants, over the meeting rooms, to the preparation and the management. Things change in an instant. And hardware and software need to adapt to enable meetings with focus and efficiency.

It’s time for a system that’s as flexible as the meeting. A system that’s easy to install, simple to operate, and user-friendly for participants. It’s time for the next generation of wired discussion.

With Confidea FLEX.

Flexibility matters more than ever.


Integrators want hardware that is simple to install and easy to configure, no matter the size or the venue. They want speed and options.


Chairpersons need clear tools to run meetings without confusion or interruption. They want meetings that flow.


Delegates want more information and a better view of the meeting. They want the right functionality at their fingertips

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