City Councils

Efficient City Council meetings are a prerequisite for good local government. Televic Conference solutions help local councilors to hear, to be heard and to vote during their meetings ‒ in well-structured way and with pristine audio quality.

How to make your council meetings streamlined and successful?

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Speech Intelligibility

A main condition for City Council meetings is participants being able to hear each other clearly. Reduced speech intelligibility leads to misunderstanding, frustration and shortens the attention span.

Televic Conference provides conference solutions that capture audio from each participant in the best possible way, using individual microphones and reinforced sound that reaches other participants or the audience in the room.

It also allows for moderated meetings and is adjustable to the applicable protocol: request to speak function, maximum number of active simultaneous microphones, speaker lists and speech timers by individual or political party.


The ultimate goal for a City Council meeting is to take the right decisions. Televic Conference solutions provide advanced voting possibilities via the delegate units, allowing councilors to decide on the day to day matters at hand when running a city or town.


Legislation best practices worldwide emphasize transparency of local administration towards the citizens. The same is true for council meetings. Televic Conference digitizes the audio captured and adds information on agenda topics, speaker, political party etc.

High quality cameras seamlessly follow all the activity in the meeting. After a discussion unit has been activa¬ted, the best positioned camera will automatically frame the speaker perfectly without any manual interference. This video feed can be broadcasted to both in-room and remote participants or even serve to live stream the meeting.

Hybrid meetings

In these COVID-19 times, the need to organize hybrid meetings has undoubtedly become more prevalent. In a hybrid meeting, some of the meeting participants are present in the meeting room while others join remotely from home via their computer, via a platform such as Zoom or Teams for instance. It’s important that both in-room and remote participants can experience the same level of quality during the meeting. Not only the audio quality is crucial, being able to see each other is key also. The people in the meeting room must be filmed in a professional way to allow remote participants to follow the meeting perfectly. Televic Conference offers a great feature to ensure just that: simply connect to existing platforms like Teams, Zoom or Webex, or use Televic’s Confero 360 software with hybrid meeting possibilities.

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