Make your rental events a breeze by giving participants time to listen, discuss, and decide. And depend on tried and tested solutions that reduce your work to set up and manage the technology behind the scenes.

Up and running in no-time.

Rental events such as summits or ad-hoc conferences need to be set up quickly and work flawlessly under time pressure. You want all participants to make the most of their time and get things done before the deadline. That’s why you depend on solutions that take less time to manage and configure.

Typical requirements:

  • Easy and straightforward setup
  • Flexibility to combine different devices
  • Support for multilingual contexts
  • Dedicated and versatile software

If you are looking to rent Televic equipment for your conference event do not hesitate to get in touch with our Rental Partners on Conference Rental Alliance. The Conference Rental Alliance (CRA) is a global network of partners that provide conference solutions to make rental events a success.CRA members share a commitment to use cutting-edge technology supplied by Televic Conference, a leading and innovative manufacturer of conference technology. Partners of the network have access to a full range of conference technology to bring focus and efficiency to meetings

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