April 15, 2014

Brullov Consulting granted exclusive distribution in Russia

Izegem (Belgium), April 15th, 2014 – Televic Conference announces that it has granted its distribution partner Brullov Consulting an exclusive distributorship in Russia.

For years, Brullov Consulting has demonstrated strong competence in the conference market in Russia as a non-exclusive distribution partner for Televic Conference. While growing sales and offering impeccable support for the region, Brullov Consulting has managed to establish itself as a strong business partner for Televic with highly skilled technical specialists.

The move to an exclusive distribution agreement not only confirms the strong partnership with Televic, but also brings stability and clarity to the market.

"During last couple of years, the Televic brand in Russia has undergone a significant change, shifting from a position as a little known brand to a highly respected player in the conference market”, says Richard Cazin, Export Sales Manager of Televic Conference. “Brullov Consulting has played an important role in Televic’s growth in the region and this next step will further strengthen the Televic brand” he adds.

"Signing an exclusive contract with Televic reinforces the status of Brullov Consulting as a distributor of professional audio and video equipment", says Vladimir Kolomensky, general manager of Brullov Consulting. "It confirms we have earned a level of trust, doing a responsible and open business with Televic Conference. We managed to clearly demonstrate the results of this way of doing business, having become Televic’s best distributor in 2013. With this agreement we are convinced that the business with Televic will become even more transparent and effective." he concludes.