August 14, 2018

Congressify Opens Up New Meeting Perspectives With A BYOD Solution

Izegem (Belgium), August 14, 2018 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, has released Congressify, a bring your own device solution for richer meetings. The new software gives participants a multitude of information right on their own tablet. The software is the perfect companion for more involved meetings, resulting in better informed participants.

Congressify is a software solution designed to bring meeting information closer to participants. Developed to work with Plixus®, Televic’s versatile conference network, it brings information right to everyone’s fingertips. Ronan Dezyn, Televic Product Manager, says: “Today, people frequently bring their tablet to meetings, so that provides us with a perfect opportunity to use it for richer meetings. All they have to do is open their browser and navigate to Congressify. There’s no app or no installation necessary. And now they’ll have a wealth of extra information right on their own device.”

Delegates see who is speaking and who’s next, see their own speech timer, they can consult agenda topics or voting results, and they can also view documents. A chairperson even enjoys meeting controls such as microphone management, starting and stopping agenda topics, and starting or stopping voting sessions.

Bart De Ruyck, Product Marketing Specialist adds: “Congressify really provides meeting participants with a new, personal window into the meeting. By having much more information just a tap away, everyone is better informed and more involved. And as a result, meetings are more efficient and more enjoyable.”