June 8, 2018

D-Cerno SL Redefines Compact and Stylish Plug & Play Discussion

Izegem (Belgium), June 8, 2018 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, has launched D-Cerno SL, a redesigned version of its popular plug & play discussion pioneer. The new device comes with a removable microphone, a sleek design, and tactile buttons. It makes moderated meetings in smaller and medium-sized venues beautiful and streamlined.

“The D-Cerno SL is the result of a very thoughtful design process. We've considered the smallest details to end up with a compact, beautiful, and easy to use device. It makes plug and play discussion a joy”, says Bart De Ruyck, Televic Conference Product Marketing Specialist. The new D-Cerno SL has a small footprint with improved stability and it comes with a removable microphone. The microphone button now has a large bright indicator LED (on/off) and all physical buttons have great feedback. “We’ve also added tactile markers for visually impaired persons to make sure the device is easy to use for everyone,” adds De Ruyck.

The new and redesigned version of D-Cerno still retains the best features of its predecessor. Says Karel Vanheule, Televic Conference Product Manager: “D-Cerno SL really works out of the box like its older brother. Just connect standard CAT 5e cables and you’re good to go. There are no dedicated IN or OUT ports, so cabling couldn’t be easier.” Didier Rosez, Televic Conference Product Manager adds: “D-Cerno is a great solution to make sure meeting participants hear and are heard with clarity. It’s the perfect system to take your meetings to the next level with warm and natural sound. And the new design will fit in everywhere.”

D-Cerno SL comes in two versions: a delegate version (D-Cerno D SL) and a chairperson version with Priority and Next-in-line buttons (D-Cerno C SL).

More information is available on the official product pages: D-Cerno C SL & D-Cerno D SL.

Contact Televic Conference (Press Inquiries):

Name: Bart De Ruyck
Title: Product Marketing Specialist
Phone: +32 474 64 35 60
Email: b.deruyck@televic.com