January 26, 2015

Televic announces new interpreter desk

Izegem (Belgium), January 26th, 2015 – Televic Conference announces that it will demonstrate a new interpreter desk for professional interpreters at ISE 2015. The new Plixus® Powered desk is said to be the first in its kind because it is the result of an intensive user-centric design track with focus on usability and the improvement of interpreters’ working comfort in numerous situations.

The new interpreter desk is the outcome of months of usability studies and intensively working together with free-lance interpreters, interpreter associations, interpreter schools and visually impaired interpreters. The user-centric design approach resulted in a working tool that will allow the professional interpreter to focus on delivering the best possible interpretation without being distracted by the technology.

Designed to take a minimum amount of space on the table, the Televic Interpreter desk optimizes the limited space that is available in the typically packed interpreter booths.

To make it easier for the interpreter to focus on the job, the buttons and controls needed during interpreting are clearly separated from other functionality. A color display provides instant visual feedback on all essential parameters. This approach prevents the user interface from being too cluttered, even though quite some new and useful functionality has been added. Hardware and software blend together creating a seamless experience for the interpreter.

The desk is also ideally suited for remote interpretation, i.e. in situations where interpreters are located somewhere else in the building and have no visual contact with the meeting room. Thanks to the HDMI video output and the Plixus Conference Network Technology, adding a video screen to display a lip-synched HD-quality image of the speaker is now simpler than ever.

The development goal for this new interpreter desk was clear” says Didier Rosez, Product Manager at Televic Conference, “To develop the most user-friendly, standards compliant interpreter desk ever. A desk that would help interpreters do their job better, more focused yet more relaxed. Based on the user feedback we received during multiple cycles of the design process, I think we can safely say that we succeeded” he adds.