June 4, 2018

Televic Conference Expands U.S. Rental Hub With New Partner DS-interpretation, Inc.

Washington D.C. (United States), June 4, 2018 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, expands its rental hub service in North America by teaming up with DS-Interpretation, Inc., a leader in the U.S. conference interpreting market. The new partnership gives interpreters easy access to Televic’s new Lingua Interpreter Desk and related products.

Televic Conference continues to expand its rental hub service program in North America by supporting the Lingua interpretation product line. The service provides access to world-class, award-winning interpretation and language distribution equipment for language service companies in North America through a new network of Televic Language Rental Partners. “Televic’s new interpretation platform has been instrumental in many international institutions and is now being requested in North America,” says Peter Papageorge, Televic Conference Sales Manager North America.

Televic is pleased to welcome DS-Interpretation, Inc., as a full-service language rental partner for the North American Rental Hub. A leader in the U.S. conference interpreting market for more than four decades, DS-Interpretation, Inc. was founded by Bill Wood, an interpretation technology pioneer. Bill is known world-wide for his forecast regarding interpreting and technology: “Interpreters will not be replaced by technology; they will be replaced by interpreters who use technology." Now headed by President, Naomi Bowman, DS-Interpretation, Inc. provides cutting-edge technology solutions designed to be “compatible with the future” in a rapidly changing market. Both Televic & DS-Interpretation, Inc.  share a vision for innovation and forward-looking technologies, which makes the new partnership a perfect match.

“The Televic Rental Hub is a game changer for the conference interpreting market in North America. It expands market access to the new gold standard of world-class, future-oriented technology”, says Naomi Bowman, President of DS-Interpretation, Inc. "Language service companies of any size will now have access to the highest quality equipment available, allowing them competitively to raise quality standards for interpreting services. We are thrilled to partner with Televic and know the industry will benefit greatly from this partnership.”

For more information contact:

  1. For Televic Conference, Peter Papageorge at p.papageorge@televic.com, call 202.558.7006 or visit the official company page at www.televic-conference.com.
  2. For DS Interpretation, Inc., Naomi Bowman at nwb@ds-interpretation.com,  call 650.212.0397 or visit the www.ds-interpretation.com.