March 3, 2021


Izegem (Belgium), 4 march 2020 – Over the past year, we have all been made very aware that – in any meeting set-up – crisp, clear and uninterrupted audio is of the essence to stay focused and productive. This is why TELEVIC CONFERENCE, the leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, introduces Confidea® FLEX G4 wireless: a brand-new wireless conference device. Its goal is to make the next generation of meetings easier for a wide array of users: from city councils to international institutions.

Last year, Televic released the Confidea FLEX wired system which is globally recognized for its innovative design and functionality. Now, as conferences become more versatile and meeting solutions demand greater flexibility, Televic Conference launches its flagship solution in a renewed and wireless version: Confidea FLEX G4 Wireless. A solution that offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility in the number of participants, conferencing options over different rooms and meeting configurations that are 100% cable- and worry-free.

All-in-one wireless conferencing system

Confidea FLEX G4 wireless was designed to be the all-in-one wireless conferencing system of tomorrow, combining easy set-up and configuration with the world’s most advanced capabilities in terms of quality and user-friendliness.

The units themselves offer the flexibility of a touch screen, combined with a configurable physical microphone button. A single device can switch between chairperson, single or double delegate mode. And managing features such as voting is as simple as adding software licenses. The full-color LCD comes with haptic feedback and smart usability options for visually impaired people.

The access point (WAP) has been kept impressively small and can easily be wall mounted, even in temporary meeting spaces. For maximum discretion, the access point can be provided with an optional paintable cover to blend into the venue’s interior.

The smart battery management system offers the possibility of using a dual battery for each device, while the single battery that comes standard with the unit is still sufficient to ensure full functionality.

The standard battery charger hosts 10 batteries that take no more than 2 hours for a complete charge, offering 12 hours of operating autonomy. 

Flexibility first

The new Confidea FLEX G4 wireless system reflects Televic Conference’s vision on the future of moderated meetings. As temporary (rental) venues, versatile and multi-purpose room usage and varying layouts increasingly become rule rather than exception, the company believes that flexibility and ease of use and deployment are the standards to focus on.

This is why the Confidea FLEX G4 wireless solution has been rigorously designed to facilitate a quick and hassle-free set-up that requires minimal skill and/or training. The system can fit into a compact and easily transportable case that has room for 16 units with matching batteries, microphones and access point. The wizard-based set-up process makes the system ready to go in minutes, using the browser-based and plug-and-play Confero software. Push-to-connect communication between units and access points, and the especially developed ‘Mike’ microphones with push-and-lock functionality add to the system’s overall intuitive feel. 

Ultimate wireless reliability

With over 10 years of experience in providing wireless conference solutions, Televic Conference is confident to call its fourth-generation solutions (hence the G4 in the name) the “best-in-class wireless conference system”.

Based on standard WiFi5 technology, the system uses a combination of advanced techniques to improve the quality and reliability of the signal reception.  This results in a stability that is unique in the wireless conferencing market. The solution functions flawlessly in any meeting environment and co-exists in perfect harmony with other wireless systems.

With a built-in clean channel manager and DFS scanning support, Confidea FLEX G4 wireless system is able to identify the clearest channel at any given time, including the upper channels of the 5 GHz range that are typically underserved by other systems. Predictive algorithms and channel switching mechanisms prevent interference and repair distorted signals to ensure continuous audio quality.

The intelligent antenna design that uses spatial diversity and MIMO techniques offers a guaranteed RF coverage and signal reception ensuring reliable and uninterrupted communication even in RF challenging spaces.

The combination of all these technologies result in an innovative wireless conference solution that feels at home in any meeting environment.

Smart battery management

Designed for portability, the Televic Confidea G4 Wireless will not let battery life get in the way of a productive meeting. For this reason, each wireless unit comes with a compact Li-ion battery that offers 12 hours of autonomy on a full 2-hour charge. Enough for a full day of meetings.

For even longer up-time, a second battery can be added in a dual compartment, and the device can also run on a standard USB-C charger. It goes without saying that the remaining battery time can be monitored on each unit through the access point’s software monitor.

Especially the dual battery system offers meeting organizers interesting options. They can set up alternate charging schemes with one set of batteries running and the other batch simultaneously charging. This way they can ensure the system’s functionality and at the same time reduce the number of chargers needed to support their pool of batteries.

In the event a battery runs low (a warning signal is shown on the conference unit and in the software monitoring capabilities of the access point), it suffices to take a fully charged battery out of the charger and plug it into the second battery compartment before removing the almost empty battery. This way, the unit stays powered and does not need to reconnect to the access point.

The almost empty battery can be fully charged again within 2 hours, so it is ready for the next meeting. In only 45 minutes the battery will be charged for 50% offering six hours of meeting time.

No fully charged spare battery at hand? No worries. Simply plug-in a standard charger in the USB-C connector at the back of the unit. The device will remain operational, and you can even unplug the battery to start recharging it.

Built for security

As meetings are meant to be private and confidential, the Confidea FLEX wireless G4 system assures that the contents of the conversation will remain within the meeting room walls.

To do so, the system uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption. As opposed to WPA2 Personal, this protocol does not use a single encryption key for the entire system. Confidea FLEX wireless G4 authenticates and negotiates encryption keys between the access point and each individual unit. Additionally, The encryption keys change every time the system is restarted, or a new connection is established. Relying on the fact that their conversations stay private, our customers can speak up with full confidence.


Design-wise, the Confidea FLEX G4 Wireless solution continues on the road paved by its wired predecessor. A very deliberate choice, as this existing design was among the happy few to convince the jurors of the Red Dot awards who commented on the solution as follows: ‘This conference device is designed to be user-friendly. Its carefully considered concept guarantees well-organised meetings.’

About Televic Conference

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