January 26, 2015

Televic Conference launches its new conference network technology “Plixus”

Izegem (Belgium), September 29nd, 2014 – In a move intended to lift a tip of the veil on its product roadmap, Televic Conference discloses some details on its new conference network technology “Plixus”. The technology has been developed by Televic Conference to lead the evolutions in conferencing, holding a lot of promise for the future.

As AV and IT converge, the need for a new high-performance conference network technology arises. Challenged by this evolution, Televic Conference developed “Plixus”, a packet-based conference network technology. Plixus (the name derived from plexus, a powerful neurological network) is entirely developed in the labs of Televic Conference with an eye for the future. 

Plixus enables the transport of audio, data and video over a single CAT5e cable with extremely low latency and full bandwidth control. It hence offers a performance level that supersedes what standard network protocols and -technology are capable of achieving.  Plixus is thus key for future developments and products of Televic Conference.

At first glance, IP would have seemed a logical choice for a new network. However, for a mission critical environment such as a conference room, standard IP simply couldn’t offer the required low latency and guaranteed assigned bandwidth like Plixus does” states Cedric Mélange, System Architect at Televic Conference.

There is a lot of momentum for open source and open systems these days” says Luc Rottiers, R&D Manager at Televic Conference. “This however conflicts with the need for security, reliability and accountability in the mission critical environment a conference room is. Plixus combines the best of both worlds by not allowing 3rd party devices on the conference network, but instead offering a DanteTM at the edge of the conference network”, he adds.

Our current uniCOS MultiMedia Conference system is the first product in our range to fully benefit from Plixus’ superior performance. Plixus is designed for the future and this conference network technology has a lot of potential” says Bart Deschodt, General Manager of Televic Conference. “It will hence find its way in all our future products, some of which will already be at ISE2015”, he concludes.