November 25, 2019

Televic Conference Wins Two German Design Awards

Izegem, BELGIUM, November 25, 2019 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, the leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, has received two German Design Awards for outstanding product design. The Plixus Nameplate and the uniCOS Tabletop were honored by the German Design Council as forward-looking products that combine aesthetics and functionality.

The German Design Awards constitute the German Design Council's premium international prize, and is one of the world's most renowned design competitions. Founded in 1953 goal of the council is "to observe, analyse and evaluate what is happening in design on an international level". According to Andrej Kupetz, CEO of the German Design Council, winners "not only exemplify the economic and cultural value of outstanding design, they also provide a sense of direction and are representative of current themes and trends."

In 2016, Televic Conference was honored with a Special Mention by the German Design Council for its Lingua Interpreter Desk. Now, the jury has honored two products with a German Design Award: the Plixus Nameplate and the uniCOS Tabletop.

The Plixus Nameplate was designed to make paper nameplates obsolete. The product fuses E-ink technology in a legible design with a unique request-to-speak button. It saves time, money, and manual labour and makes meeting preparations easier. The German Design Council calls the Plixus Nameplate "elegant, innovative and useful".

Read the Plixus Nameplate Entry

The uniCOS Tabletop was also the recipient of a German Design Award. The device was designed to make meetings more interactive and to give participants more tools at their fingertips. Its modern material design is combined with an easy to use interface. The German Design Council notes: "Efficient, sleek, reduced and high-tech, the product represents a leap forward for interactive digital tools supporting conferences."

Read the uniCOS Tabletop Entry

Both German Design Awards reaffirm Televic Conference's commitment to design and develop products that make it easier for participants in large meetings to make better decisions. "Winning both awards is a testament to the strength of our design and development teams who are driven to create products that make it easier for people to work with technology", says Karel Vanheule, Televic Conference Product Manager.

Media Contact:

Bart De Ruyck
Product Marketing Specialist