June 4, 2020

Televic Introduces Confero 360

Izegem (Belgium), June 4, 2020 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, the leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, introduces Confero: a web-based software that requires zero installation. The software was developed with ease of use and simple installation top of mind. The 360 license adds tools to easily manage meetings. User roles bring the relevant controls front center so a user can focus on getting the job done.

The Televic Plixus® architecture has been the powerful platform used in thousands of meeting rooms worldwide connecting various Televic conference products to any AV design. Confero can now be added to existing Plixus systems to provide simple meeting control and system diagnostics. Confero is based on a zero-install principle. Being web-based the software is platform-agnostic, just browse to the Plixus engine on any device. This results in a significant reduction in installation time. At startup, a wizard guides users through the setup and configuration which eases client training.

“We wanted to design software with a focus on ease of use and elevated experience for moderated meetings,” says Ronan Dezyn, Televic Conference Product Manager. “We performed user-centered exercises with several stakeholders involved in managing meetings.” Meeting operators, chairpersons, and technology professionals both appreciated the attention to their own meeting requirements. Confero streamlines the installation of conference systems. At any time the system can be expanded by adding a Confero 360 license, unlocking simple yet powerful meeting management tools. 

The first release of Confero 360 addresses the need for small to medium-sized city councils to perform software-based moderation, electronic voting, identification by access control cards and meeting reporting:

  • Moderation of meetings can be done via a layout representing the meeting room and provides the capability to manage the speaker and request list with easy drag and drop reshuffling capabilities.
  • Participants can identify themselves by inserting their access control card in any conference device.
  • Ad hoc voting can be conducted during any meeting and results can be captured instantly.
  • Visualize room overview, speaker and request list, and voting results on a big screen or projector.
  • Define the available functionality of password-protected user roles.
  • Meeting reports can be generated to capture meeting title, participants, voting results, and a link to the audio recording of the meeting.

Confero is the start of our new software direction and focuses on simplifying workflows in moderated meeting spaces. Says Bart Deschodt, Televic Conference General Manager: “Confero is vital to achieving our goal to become the reference in the moderated Conference industry.

For more information, visit: Confero-360 page

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