February 5, 2019

Televic Introduces uniCOS 10" Tabletop

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), February 5, 2019 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, the leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, has released uniCOS Tabletop, a multimedia conference device that gives users unparalleled meeting flexibility. The brand-new device combines beautiful design with a tiltable 10-inch screen to set a new standard in multimedia experiences for any conference venue. uniCOS Tabletop joins redesigned 7-inch & 10-inch flushmount versions to provide customers with the most versatile multimedia conference solutions available today.

The Confidea® family has been the backbone of successful wired conference meetings for decades by making meetings fast, reliable, and user-friendly. The new Confidea® FLEX now reimagines wired conferences by introducing a touch screen and a flexible software-based licensing system. Combined with a brand-new design, its goal is to make the next generation of meetings easier: from city councils to international institutions.    

“We wanted to design a device that looks and feels compact and modern, but robust, too,” says Didier Rosez, Televic Conference Product Manager. “Our design teams worked hard to achieve a slim and attractive exterior, while our engineers squeezed every millimeter of space to fit all components inside. The result is the most compact wired conference device with a touch screen on the market today.” Confidea® FLEX also comes with better weight distribution. “No matter where you move the microphone, the conference device stays perfectly put,” adds Carl Lylon, Televic Conference R&D Team Leader.

Confidea® FLEX has a 5.2” full-color touch screen with an anti-fingerprint coating to give meeting participants an even better view of the meeting. From speakers and the position in the request lists over voting options to agenda items: more information is available at any time right on the device. Chairpersons get additional controls to make managing meetings even more comfortable. For visually impaired users, tactile guides make the device more user-friendly. Finally, Confidea® FLEX uses haptic feedback: the screen recreates the physical touch experience by gently vibrating. It gives users an extra layer of confidence when they cast a vote, for example.

Confidea® FLEX also uses software licenses to take the hassle out of managing and configuring large conferences for installers. “Integrators traditionally spend a lot of time to get the right device with the right set of functionality in front of the user,” says Karel Vanheule, Televic Conference Product Manager. “With Confidea FLEX, we’ve radically simplified the process. There’s only one model and you activate functionality with one or more licenses. Voting, identification, interpretation, and more: tap to activate a license, and Confidea® FLEX is good to go.”

With an entirely new design, a full-color touch screen, and a software license system, Confidea® FLEX wants to make installing, configuring, and managing meetings as simple as possible. Says Bart Deschodt, Televic Conference General Manager: “Confidea® FLEX is the result of our combined design and R&D expertise to give customers the most versatile tool in their conference toolbox. It establishes Confidea® as the most innovative wired conferencing family available today by giving them unrivaled flexibility.“

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