Confidea D-Mic Full Flex

Get a reliable gooseneck microphone that guarantees a warm and crisp sound. And that’s fully flexible, from top to bottom. Make sure you are heard with absolute clarity. Confidea D-MIC FF was engineered to perform perfectly in meeting rooms. With reduced ambient noise and system noise, a patented natural sound, and an elegant appearance, your message is heard without fail. And without any interference, even from mobile phones.

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In a nutshell

Confidea D-MIC BC offers a broadcast quality experience with either a cardioid or hypercardioid pattern. A removable screw-lock ensures flexibility and a solid connection to your device. Confidea D-MIC also guarantees low susceptibility to mobile phones. The light ring is dark (opaque) when the microphone is switched off, lights up red when active, and is green when in request.

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