Better meetings and better decisions start with getting participants closer together. Camera tracking closes the gap between people by letting everyone see and understand each other in close-up. T-Cam gives you an easy way to install camera tracking, to create talking heads, and to configure different views. On any Televic conference system. The result: crystal-clear video for better involvement.

In a nutshell

Get an out-of-the-box camera tracking solution with T-Cam. You get: 2 PTZ cameras, a Blackmagic capture card and video switcher, and T-Cam control software. Use different packages to add up to 4 cameras in total. And use another package to add easy name overlays to your images. Creating synoptic views for talking heads, or shots and wide shots is easy with the T-Cam software.


  • Simple and easy to install, use, and configure
  • Easily configure synoptics, views, and shots
  • Full HD 1080p/60 3G SDI camera with 15× zoom
  • Wide viewing angle (horizontal -170° to +170°, tilting up to 90° and down to -30°), Right-side, close-up
Flexible T-Cam Packages

Basic T-Cam Package

The basic package contains everything you need for a basic camera tracking setup:

  • 2 3G-SDI Cameras
  • Camera interconnection cables
  • Capture card: Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Recorder
  • Video switcher: Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio
  • T-Cam Software: PC software with a license or control of 2 cameras

T-Cam Camera & License

This package adds another camera and a camera license. Up to 2 packages may be ordered for a maximum of 4 cameras.

  • 1 3G-SDI Cameras
  • Camera interconnection cables
  • 1 license for one additional camera

T-Cam Name Overlay

  • This add-on allows an overlay to be added onto the video output by using an additional capture card.
  • 1 license for name overlay
  • Capture card: Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Recorder


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