Confidea G3 D2I

Make your wireless conference experience easy to install and simple to use with great discussion and simultaneous interpretation options. Use a single device with two delegates by sharing a microphone button. Hear participants better through the speaker’s distributed sound field and get heard by using a great gooseneck microphone.

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In a nutshell

Make wireless meetings easy with Confidea G3 D2I: set up the Wireless Access Point, start your devices, and initialize. The built-in web server gives you flexible meeting options at your fingertips. Share a single device with two participants: use independent microphone buttons and channel selectors. Use the single microphone button to talk in turn and enjoy great, natural sound from the speakers or use the 3.5 mm jack to connect headphones. Without any interference. With the channel selectors, both delegates can choose from up to 4 channels of simultaneous interpretation, independently. See the selected channels on the screen and even adjust the volumes right on the device.


  • Be up and running quickly and easily, from installation to use
  • Get discussion with great sound from integrated speakers
  • Use one microphone button in turn and two channel selectors
  • Cycle between up to 4 interpretation channels with two displays and two volume controls
  • Experience reliable meetings without interference or interruptions

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