Lingua Receiver

Get lightweight, easy to use, and sleek infrared reception at your fingertips with the Lingua Receiver. Choose from 6 or 12 or 40 channel versions. Enjoy green, recheargable battery technology and wide reception. Use the clip at the back for comfortable wearing and maximum mobility.

  • Ref. 71.98.0205 - Lingua RX 6 Channel
  • Ref. 71.98.0206 - Lingua RX 12 Channel
  • Ref. 71.98.0208 - Lingua RX 40 Channel
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In a nutshell

Lingua RX makes it easy for participants to receive 6 or 12 or 40 channels in a beautifully design. Easy switches on the sides allow selection of channels and volume adjustment on a clear OLED display. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides 20 h of autonomy, more than enough for extended meetings. With wide coverage and a clip, sound quality and mobility are excellent no matter where participants are seated.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Clear interface
  • 270° reception
  • Clip for easy wear

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