D-Cerno C/CL

Make discussion easy: give every participant a device that’s digital, easy to use, and stylish. Free from mobile phone interference and with great sound quality.

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In a nutshell

D-Cerno C&CL give participants clear and crisp digital sound. Touch sensor buttons avoid clicking noises and make it easy to clean the units. And shielded microphones prevent mobile phone interference. With headphone connections and a convenient volume control, participants get full control. Cable connections are concealed for a neat look. Choose between a 30 cm (D-Cerno C) or 50 cm (D-Cerno CL) microphone version. As a chairperson, you stay in control with dedicated Next-in-line & Priority buttons.



  • Get great sound quality
  • Easy to use and easy to clean (touch sensor buttons)
  • Control the meeting with a Next-in-line & Priority button
  • Enjoy a stylish look with neat integration

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