Every meeting room needs a different set of control and management tools, depending on the size, the room or the number or participants. That’s why the CoCon flexible module architecture gets you exactly what you need. Combine all modules for complex multilingual meetings or use just the ones you need to get the discussion going. Use T-ReX to record meetings in 1-2-3. And get participants a BYOD tablet solution with Congressify.

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What gives you the edge?

Combine As You See Fit

Get just the options you need for your room with CoCon's modular approach. Select from different modules and extend or upgrade later if you want to.

All Controls at Your Fingertips

Control every detail of your meeting from start to finish. From comprehensive voting options to document management and import or export functions. 

Built for Performance

From smaller venues to the largest and complex conference rooms, CoCon was built to scale. And to perform.

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