CoCon Nameplate

Make it easy to create layouts for the Plixus Nameplate with a user-friendly interface that requires no coding. Get flexible options and fine-grained layout controls.

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In a nutshell

CoCon Nameplate allows you to create and design
layouts for the Plixus Nameplate with flexible options
at your fingertips. An easy and user-friendly web-based
application gives you control over the nameplate design
through an easy interface, without the need to write any
code. Through tight integration with the CoCon Suite, it is
is possible to use participant names automatically if they are
created in the Meeting Manager.


Additionally, CoCon Nameplate makes it easy to create
and reuse meetings with the corresponding Plixus
Nameplate layouts.



General Layout Options:

  • Full Frame
  • Split Frame
  • Graphic Left
  • Graphic Right
  • Wings (a graphic on both edges of the screen)
  • Cross Frame

Typography Options:

  • Font selection
  • Font size selection
  • Font alignment options
  • Text color options (black/white)
  • Text color background options (black/white)

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