CoCon Video Routing

Easily configure your video input/output devices on the Plixus Architecture. Get simple control over V-IN Box, camera units (including T-Cam), SDI on Plixus MME, V-OUT Box, Lingua ID-MM, and uniCOS.

Requires CoCon Discussion

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In a nutshell

Enjoy simple control over all video solutions:

  • Assign video input devices to the video request group
  • Assign webcam units to the talking head group
  • Assign video input devices on a specific video stream
  • Create video output groups consisting of video output boxes or Lingua ID MM units
  • Assign a label to each video stream
  • Visualize the inputs or input groups and assign them to a specific video stream
  • Configure which video streams are available on video channel selectors
  • Assign a specific video stream to a video output device or video output group
  • Get endless options for input & output
  • See convenient visualizations
  • Use grouping & configuration options
  • Enable Routing cross points
  • Push video streams to all uniCOS units from the operator application

Define all video settings at any one time as a video configuration. Create, store, and edit these through the file menu and get:

  • A set of video routing input groups
  • A set of video routing output groups
  • A matrix resulting from the previous two datasets, and the settings of this matrix


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