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In a Nutshell

Confero 360 is Televic’s solution for easy room setup and meeting control, right from the Plixus central unit’s web page. It brings an intuitive interface for meeting room setup and control over a meeting with a focus on the user experience. 

Confero 360 brings user roles and new features right to the core of the system, the Plixus engine. All web-based, so no need to install dedicated software on a PC. It allows a chairperson or operator to control the meeting, microphones, and voting as well as view the meeting report after the meeting. Features include

  • Room layout
  • User roles
  • Meeting template
  • Delegate information
  • Badge identification
  • Voting
  • Signage
  • Meeting reports


  • Hassle-free installation, no software installation is required to use Confero 360
  • Save time with configuration
  • Focus on the meeting with your own dashboard
  • Intuitive web interface for easy microphone control and voting

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