Audio Engine with Recording

Use a slim central unit with full functionality and built-in recording, without the need for an extra pc.

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In a nutshell

The Plixus audio engine with recording is a 19" rack-mountable device that provides all the processing and signal handling required for the Plixus network. Small but powerful, the Plixus AE-R comes with full conference functionality without the need for a dedicated computer. With a volume dial and a record button on the front, crucial controls are easily accessible. 


  • Enjoy rock-solid conference network performance
  • Get flawless high-quality audio 
  • Easily record multichannel meetings with integrated storage
  • Experience a redesigned, user-friendly interface to manage and configure meetings in 1-2-3
  • NEW: Combine wired and wireless. Split and combine meeting rooms. Extend the range of wireless access points. Or even create redundancy with a backup wireless access point.

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