Dante Audio Networking Card

Get simple and reliable networked audio options on your central engine.

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In a nutshell

The Dante™ Audio Networking Card is a plug-in card that fits inside the Plixus MME and Plixus AE and provides a user-friendly digital audio distribution interface that makes audio networking quick and effortless. Combined with TReX software, a PC can be turned into a multichannel recording station simply by connecting the network port of this PC to the network. This solution is incredibly cost-effective because no hardware audio interfacing equipment is required.

Dante is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd, Audinate is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.


  • Enjoy easy and cost-effective audio interfacing
  • Be up & running in no time with a plug and play system
  • Get flexible routing options through the controller software
  • Easily turn your PC into a multichannel recording device through a virtual sound card

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