Multimedia Engine

Enjoy a reliable multimedia experience in a compact, sleek, and easily mounted central unit.

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In a nutshell

The Plixus multimedia engine is a 19" rack-mountable device that provides all the processing and signal handling required for the Plixus network. The Plixus MME follows the same design philosophy as other Plixus compliant devices: a minimalistic user interface offers direct access to a number of vital functions. This makes control of the system easy and intuitive for the most common functionality. A set of distinctive, yet unobtrusive handles gives the central equipment a sleek look. A touch of brushed aluminum combined with a captivating red glow underlines the unit’s exclusivity and makes it blend in with the Televic product family. 


  • Enjoy rock-solid conference network performance
  • Get flawless high-quality audio & lip-synced Full HD 1080p video
  • Distribute video with single-frame latency on the entire network
  • Get peace of mind with a closed core system
  • Experience flexibility with open Dante options
  • Ensure your meeting keeps running with redundancy options 

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