Network Extender

Easily extend the number of units in a large network and create redundancy. And get flexible port powering. In a small package.

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In a nutshell

The Plixus NEXT allows for extension of the Plixus conference architecture to enable a higher number of units on the network. It also creates a level of redundancy: 2 loops may be created with one extension unit. Additionally, Plixus NEXT devices can be daisy-chained to deploy very large installations of connected devices.

A new DIP switch provides fine-grained control over powering the ports. With up to 16 combinations , various ports can be configured in a flexible way



  • Save space with a slim and streamlined design
  • Create very large configurations (up to 4096 unit)
  • Get peace of mind by creating redundant setups
  • Experience flexibility by having control over powered ports

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