Video Solutions

Great sound is still the cornerstone of your meeting, but it’s time to look ahead. Video distribution lets you see the bigger picture and changes the perspective for everyone involved. Bring participants and contents better into focus and share your message more clearly. Without the hassle of cables, lost connections, or slowdown. On the Plixus Network, working with video is super simple. Get up to 6 Full HD 1080p lip-synched streams anywhere in the conference room. All over a single CAT 5e cable.

What gives you the edge?

Crystal-clear Picture

Get flawless images: lip-synched Full HD 1080p with latency of less than a single frame.

Full flexibility

Use simple Video-IN & Video-OUT Boxes that are powered by the conference network, over the same CAT 5e cable.

Fine-grained Control

Get control over your streams by using dedicated software. Inject, extract, and group streams with CoCon Video Routing.

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