Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is the parliamentary body of financial control in the Russian Federation. It has operational control over the federal budget and the state of domestic and external debt.

Needless to say that the debates that take place in this governmental body are of the highest importance and require support from technology that is reliable and capable of delivering.

The Great Hall of the Accounts Chamber

The Great Hall of the Accounts Chamber is a large auditorium-style meeting area that offers seats to up to 200 people and that is intended for internal, interdepartmental, national and international conferences. The majority of events require an active participation of the delegates in the debates, but also in the voting sessions.

Mid 90’s the room was equipped with a conference system and the equipment hadn’t changed since then. Due to age of the equipment and its frequent use, signs of wear began to show with frequent reliability issues and regular drop-outs. The need for a major overhaul of the system became apparent and thus was decided to renew the system in 2013.

A major overhaul with restrictions

The renewal of the audiovisual system asked for a dedicated approach from various parties involved.

The demand for preservation of all architectural elements and interior decoration in the room in many cases required a creative approach. All cables were concealed under the paved floor and above the ceiling in the hall. Also, some upgrades were made to the desks in the room to improve the ergonomic aspects.

Another critical element was the timeframe available to carry out this renovation of the audiovisual system. All needed to be finished in the period of one month.

Brullov Consulting, our partner in Russia carried out the works, complying with the directives during all stages of the project. The installation was commissioned on time, meeting all expectations of the customer.

A bespoke solution

For a nice and clean integration of the delegate conference equipment, Televic developed a bespoke panel that fits the furniture and integrates several functionalities such as a loudspeaker, channel selection for simultaneous interpretation, voting buttons and – of course – the microphone. The rounded corners of the panel – a design detail – match the rounded features of the wooden conference furniture. The whole system is based on the TCS5500 platform.

For journalists’ convenience, dedicated audio outputs allow connecting recording during press conferences equipment, directly to the system.

The system is controlled by the Televic Cocon Control Software that connects to the camera control system. PTZ cameras with over 700 preset positions bring any speaker into the picture.

Better audio quality and intelligibility.

Apparent is the leap forward in audio quality and intelligibility that the install of this Televic system represents. With the new system, speech has become more intelligible.

This is very clearly demonstrated by this video (best experienced with headphones) combining 4 small clips of a meeting held just before and one held just after the renovation.

Pay specific attention to the background noise and reverberation that have been reduced dramatically: