Back to city business in Crawfordsville

With the frequent mix of politics and passionate citizens, City Council meetings in Crawfordsville got interesting, because the messages weren’t being properly heard. This lead to a lot of miscommunication during monthly City Council meetings.


Dan Wills of Murdock Communication and Sound recommended that it was time that the city of Crawfordsville upgraded to better conference equipment from Listen Technologies.

The new sound equipment Wills recommended, Televic’s D-Cerno Digital Discussion System, offered more clarity whether a participant was speaking or listening during a meeting regardless of what size room they were in or the number of people participating in the meeting; it was perfect for Crawfordsville.

The city ordered 22 units, including a new microphone unit for the guest podium, and several wireless receivers that offer those with hearing loss assistive listening tools they need, so that they can also be included in the meetings.

Now that they have fewer miscommunications and a better sound system, Crawfordsville can get to back city business.

We’ve been periodically updating different parts of the building, and we finally got around to the sound. I think people will be pleased when they attend meetings now.”— TODD BARTON
Mayor, Crawfordsville, Indiana



  • Country: United States
  • Date: 2014
  • Partners: Listen Technologies