Better student interaction at Central European University

In a lecture room of the Central European University, D-Cerno supports education by improving the interaction between students and the lecturer.


When the Central European University was thinking about ways to support the educational process by improving the way that students would be able to ask questions to their fellow students and the lecturer during class, they were first thinking of installing a simple microphone system.

After a few conversations with Televic partner Studiotech, the university understood the benefits of a conference system and realised that this would be a much better solution.

The distributed sound field produced by the 60 D-Cerno delegate units improves intelligibility in the lecture room so that students better understand each other when asking or responding to questions.

The D-Cerno system is also used when following an on-line lecture. It makes interaction with the far end much more organised and easier to understand.



  • Country: Hungary
  • Date: 2012
  • Partners: Studiotech Hungary Kft.