Boardroom Bankinter Spain

Bankinter, S.A., formerly known as Banco Intercontinental Español, is a leading Spanish commercial bank.

In the bank’s meeting room for the Board of Directors in Madrid, Pentatel - an audio-visual integrator based in the city - installed a Televic conference system. After evaluating various options, the bank opted for a Confidea Wireless G3 solution.


The bank made a conscious decision when selecting this 3rd generation of Televic’s wireless conference system and considered the following:

  • Due to the importance of the meetings held in this room, no compromises could be made on reliability and up-time.
  • As is often the case in this type of rooms, the aesthetic appeal of the conference system was an important factor that made the balance swing towards a wireless solution.
  • The extremely short set-up time required, compared to a wired solution.
  • The Quad band capabilities offered peace of mind as this offers plenty of frequencies to operate on without disturbing the wireless LAN and without having to analyze the 2.4GHz band in search of a free frequency.

This install at Bankinter kicks-off Televic’s partnership with Crambo Visuales in Spain. It’s also the first Confidea G3 in the country.



  • Country: Spain
  • Date: 2014
  • Partners: Crambo Visuales