China Steel Corporation got flexibility and high sound quality

China Steel Corporation (CSC), located in Kaohsiung Taiwan is the largest steel company in the country. A Televic Conference System was chosen for their new China Steel Building which was inaugurated on October 22nd, 2013.

The system’s flexibility, the high sound quality and the full support from the local partner were the main reasons for their choice.


There are three main conference rooms in this building and two of them must have the possibility to be combined into one big room when needed. China Steel Corporation preferred to have a flush mount system which, combined with the need to combine and divide rooms, made the design of the system more challenging.

The selected Televic System is built around All-in-One flush mount panels. Of course, extra flexibility is required of the system to meet the requirement of being both permanent and mobile.

Clever solution

To meet the needs, the wall between the two rooms was transformed into a door. The desks near that wall became all movable and several extra power sockets were installed in the floor.

With this design, the Televic System can be easily moved and used with the desks, matching the preferred seat arrangement.



  • Country: Taiwan
  • Date: 2013
  • Partners: Fantasy Sound International