Civil Defence Amman

One Televic Universal Interface can serve two channel selectors. This unique feature allowed GiRhoMa to propose a cost effective solution to its customer.


Cost effective solution meets budget

. Project engineer, Mr. Nadeem M. Zidan states: "Every other seat would be equipped with a microphone channel selector and universal interface. The seat next to it would only get a channel selector connected to the interface of the adjacent seat. In this way we managed to cut the cost of the project dramatically while still meeting the functional requirements set by the customer".

Full AV integration

The Televic conference equipment is part of a full AV integration by GiRhoMa. Linking Televic's central conference unit with Crestion controllers and Panasonic cameras, each seat and it's occupant can be visualized on a big screen via Extron switchers and a Christie projector. The audio coming from the Televic microphones is connected to a room audio system consisting of a Clearone Audio Matrix, Crown amplifiers and JBL Line Array Speakers.



  • Country: Jordan
  • Partners: GiRhoMa