Confidea brings clarity at Lewis, Rice & Fingersh

Many words have been used to describe the million-dollar view found at the Lewis, Rice & Fingersh St. Louis, MO office—stunning, magnificent, and breathtaking were some of the most popular.


As one might be able to tell merely by looking at their conference room, this Missouri law firm believes in striving for excellence. It should come as no surprise then that they wanted to include state-of-the-art sound in their incredible conference space. This desire, however, came with a few challenges.

While their conference room looks amazing, the glass and other hard materials with which it was designed provided acoustic challenges. The room’s reflective surfaces made communicating difficult during meetings and impossible while conferencing with people who weren’t located at the office. Essentially, the 200 plus employees at the firm were left with a beautiful conference room that they couldn’t use.

The firm’s solution was to install a Confidea Wired Conference System from Listen Technologies. This equipment turns any meeting, whether it’s in an elegant, glass conference room or a government building, into a conversational experience with total clarity as if they were having a one-on-one conversation no matter how many people are participating in the meeting. And in the case of Lewis, Rice & Fingersh, it provided them with the perfect resolution.

The Confidea Wired Conference System the firm chose has multiple functions and benefits. It provides power for all of the attached units, mixes the audio to provide clear sound, distributes simultaneous interpretation language channels, and conducts voting sessions when needed. It can also drive up to 120 units.

Lewis, Rice & Fingersh also installed discussion units, which combine slim, contemporary design with superior sound. These units are equipped with a request-to-speak or on/off button, as well as a headphone volume control button.

One of the many benefits of these microphones over others is that they’re immune against typical disturbances, so meeting participants can leave their phones on during meetings.

Now, the attorneys and staff of Lewis, Rice & Fingersh not only have a breathtaking conference room, but they have a practical meeting space with state-of-the-art sound equipment, as well.

Instead of struggling to hear what’s happening in their meetings, they’ll be able to continue serving the demanding needs of Missouri’s business community one clear statement at a time.



  • Country: United States
  • Date: 2012
  • Partners: Listen Technologies