Confidea at Jordanian Parliament's VIP Room

The Jordanian Parliament's VIP Room is home to high-level meetings where security and reliability are paramount. Enter: Confidea Tabletop.


When it comes to making crucial decisions between VIP stakeholders, the Jordanian Parliament in Amman wanted a tried and tested system. For maximum performance and fidelity, the wired Confidea Tabletop was selected. It not only guarantees stellar sound but it is also easy to use, no matter who's behind the mic.

Furthermore, the entire setup runs on Televic's Plixus network, which was built from the ground up to ensure reliability and security. The system's closed core architecture ensures that no one can eavesdrop on the meeting, which is a must for any high-stakes meeting. The proprietary system architecture also prevents rogue connections from accessing the conference system.

In the end, Televic's solution provides peace of mind for all participants. VIPs know they can meet in an environment that provides both comfort and confidentiality.



  • Country: Jordan
  • Date: 2017
  • Partners: GiRhoMa