Confidea Wireless at Thai Parliament

The Thai Parliament, located in Bangkok, required a new conference solution for one of their largest meeting rooms. As with most of the parliaments anywhere in the world, security and reliability were at the top of the requirements list, complemented by flexibility and ease of use.

Confidea Wireless Gen II proved to be the system that met those requirements, although multiple circumstances make the Thai Parliament an extremely challenging environment for Confidea to work in.


A dense, challenging Wi-Fi environment

The Thai parliament has an extensive wireless LAN network that occupies a lot of RF space. In the conference room there are multiple Wi-Fi access points installed that consume additional RF bandwidth to communicate with each other.

Other contributors to RF activity are the large number of delegate stations that are equipped with motorized screens and wireless keyboards and mice that all use Bluetooth to communicate. Not to mention the delegates who enter the room with their smartphones

Superfast fallback

The Thai Parliament made it quite clear in the tender specification: if the wireless conference access point would fail for some reason, the system needed to be able to recover from that failure within 60 seconds.

This was achieved by installing 2 WCAP+’s in the conference room, one of which is active during the meeting, and the second one is only used as a backup. In case of a system failure, the second WCAP+ is booted up and taking over in only 15 seconds. In this way it is far exceeding the requirements set forth in the original specification.

A perfect solution

Wireless Confidea Gen II is able to work reliably in this challenging RF environment, meeting the flexibility, reliability and fallback requirements. The security is guaranteed by the built in encryption with encryption key management.

A total of 106 Confidea Wireless units have been installed in this room (104 Confidea DD and 2 Confidea CD) with 2 WCAP+ access points for redundancy. The system is expanded with camera control through an AMX controller and Televic TMS software.



  • Country: Thailand
  • Date: 2013
  • Partners: Dynamic Source

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