Custom All-In-one Panels in Caen-la-Mer

148 Custom All-in-one panels transformed a beautiful meeting venue in Caen-la-Mer's Hôtel d'agglomeration into an advanced conferencing environment. The all-in-one units blend in perfectly with the minimal desks and the stark black & white contrast creates an aesthetic result.


In order to facilitate large conferences & meeting, Caen-la-Mer's Hôtel d'agglomeration wanted to equip their spacious & contemporary venue with 148 conference units. Together with MTCA, leading Televic integrator in France, they were looking for more than just a solution to put units on desks. In order to preserve the modern and unique design of the room and its aesthetic, the choice was made to use custom-made All-in-one panels, which better harmonise with the desks and create as little visual bulk as possible.

The conferencing system also runs Televic's CoCon software, which makes setting up and configuring a meeting a breeze. There is no need for a complex setup procedure or endless fine-tuning of parameters. Instead, CoCon allows a streamlined meeting experience by putting easy and quick tools right at the user's fingertips.

Take a look at the final result:



  • Country: France
  • Date: 2014
  • Partners: MCTA

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