European Commission HQ - Berlaymont Brussels

European Commission chooses Televic to equip its HQ (Berlaymont) as well as the main conference center (Centre de Conference Albert Borchette) in Brussels. The European Commission is primarily based in Brussels, with the President's office and the Commission's meeting room based on the 13th floor of the Berlaymont building. The Commission also operates out of numerous other buildings in Brussels and Luxembourg, of which most are equipped with TCS5500 system.


The TCS5500 solution has been selected as the system of choice for several reasons:

  • Customization: The integration of delegate micros in the seats of of the press room and the delegate screens of the commission conference room required very specific integration.
  • Scalability: The TCS5500 is ideal as a scalable platform to cope with the variety in room sizes. The European Commission hosts 33 conference rooms equipped with the TCS5500 system ranging from 36 to 300 delegates and 9 to 57 interpreter desks.
  • Innovation: The SCIC sets very high standards with respect to conference equipement. The Confidea wireless discussion system is the only solution that meets the requirements in terms of reliability, functionality and confidentiality.
  • The extensive room coupling functionality of the TCS5500 allows the creation of virtual conference rooms through allocation of delegate microphones and interpreter desks in conference rooms on multiple locations. All rooms in the Berlaymont and CCAB Building can be coupled passively or actively.



  • Country: Belgium
  • Date: 2005:
  • Partners: Inéo-GDF Suez - Televic AV