European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice in Luxemburg recently moved into the CJ4, a new facility built to host Europe's high profile court cases involving the world's top judges and lawyers.  


The site is built around a main conferencing facility counting 8 rooms, a gallery around the main building and 2 office towers. No less than 10 rooms have been equipped with Televic Conference equipment.

Because of the complexity of this project, Televic acted as main contractor, working together with Televic AV – its Belgian integration leg- for the AV integration.

Grand Salle d’Audience

The “Grand Salle d’Audience” is the showpiece of the installation. For simultaneous interpretation, 89 interpreter desks in 23 interpreter booths give room to a whole team of interpreters, supporting this multi-lingual environment. In addition, each booth is also equipped with collapsible video screens to give interpreters a close-up view on each speaker or Power Point presentation.

  • Mounted flush in the floor, there are also a number of connection points for journalists where they can plug in their recording equipment and dial into any one of the interpreted languages. This again is a custom integration, based on Televic’s OLED channel selector and modified to accept XLR connections.

Stylish, state-of-the-art delegate stations

Judges and lawyers have stylish delegate units at their disposal. All 250 microphones, spread over the various rooms have channel selectors with OLED displays, showing channel number and channel name in contemporary blue and yellow colors. Furthermore, these delegate positions are completed with LAN connections, power sockets and reading lights. All of these facilities, including the conference equipment, are integrated
into stylish brass plates.

Wireless adds flexibility

For some court cases, rooms need to be temporarily equipped with extra conferencing equipment depending on protocol. Extra floor connection boxes to connect such equipment could not everywhere be installed, nor could it be foreseen where in the room such additional equipment would be needed. This was easily solved by adding a Confidea® Wireless Conference Access Point to each room. If and when extra conference equipment is needed, wireless Confidea® units can now simply be brought into the room and added to the existing wired infrastructure. Thanks to the family concept of Televic’s conference range, these wired and wireless units perfectly work in unison and are completely transparent to the system’s central equipment.

Extreme (remote) conference management capabilities.

The various conference rooms all have their own local control room, complemented by a central control facility from where all conference rooms can be controlled and coupled. Moreover, from any local control room it is possible to control the conference parameters in any other room.

The Televic room coupling system allows active coupling of any room with any room, including coupling of interpreter booths anywhere in the building. Here’s where the screens come in handy as interpreters can see the speakers, even if they are interpreting for another room. In total 189 of such screens assist the interpreters during their work.

The central control room also has recording facilities for audio and video, accepting all signals simultaneously from all rooms. As a backup for this central system, local control
rooms have recording facilities as well, just in case the floor language and English or French do not arrive at the central recording point in the main control room.

A challenging integration

Televic and Televic AV worked hard to successfully complete this project which was on a very tight schedule. Nevertheless, in between tendering and commissioning, Televic was able to go the extra mile and further assist the client in optimizing the concept so that the final installation was fully in line with the needs of the users: the screens for the interpreters, local recording and journalist connection points are just a few examples. Despite of the challenging technicality of the integration, Televic was able to supply solutions that not only met the expectations on a functional level, but also from an aesthetic point of view. The latter much appreciated by the building architects.


Televic installed

  • 10 Conference rooms
  • 10 Central units and 1 room coupling matrix
  • 351 Interpreter desks
  • 1076 OLED Channel selectors
  • 312 Brass plated delegate stations
  • 189 Collapsible screens



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