European Parliament

The European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg present the ultimate challenge in conference and simultaneous interpretation.


It not only requires complex coupling of multiple conference rooms with full control from a central control room, but also simultaneous interpretation in no less than 23 languages. This number is regularly increasing as new member countries join the European Union.

The TCS5500 Conference system is ideal to cope with such extreme requirements. It can handle simultaneous interpretation up to 58 languages and offers unique active room coupling features.

Active room coupling.
The extensive room coupling functionality of the TCS5500allows the creation of virtual conference rooms through allocation of delegate microphones and interpreter desks in conference rooms on multiple locations.

The TCS5500 is ideal as a scalable platform to cope with the variety in room sizes. At the European Parliament rooms range from 40 to 912 delegates and 12 to 108 interpreter desks.

Full Central Control
Using Televics extensive software control, all conference rooms can be controlled from one central control room.



Televic installed:

  • 22 Conference rooms
  • 5068 delegate stations
  • 1283 interpreter desks
  • Multi-site room coupling
  • Centralized control
  • Country: Belgium
  • Date: Supplier for the European Parliament since 1993

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