Flexbility & Ease of Use at IIEP

IIEP, an arm of UNESCO based in Paris, was looking for a flexible & easy to use conferencing system. The goal: to improve meetings between teachers from developing countries around the world. Televic's solution combines multilingual discussion with interpretation to make conferencing effortless.


The International Institute for Education Planning's goal is "to support educational policy, planning and management". It brings teachers from developing countries closer to each other to share their knowledge and experience. With a worldwide and diverse audience, participants required a conferencing system that facilitates multilingual discussion. Televic came up with a solution that excels in usability & flexibility, and allows for intensive use.

That's why Televic proposed 4 ID5500 interpreter desks, 13 Confidea L-DDs, and 52 ODCSL5500s. The interpreter desks enable interpreters to better bring messages across to the multilingual audience. Additionally, the Confidea's intuitive design facilitates the speaker's task. Finally, channel selectors make tuning in to different language channels straightforward. The result is an installation that foregrounds speakers& ideas, not technology.

Installed in different rooms on different floors, the installation is flexible and easily adapted. In fact, the Confidea DD units are even occasionally used on the road. Their small size and lightweight design make them a breeze to transport. And a versatile discussion partner, both inside the meeting room and in a makeshift context on location.




  • Country: United States
  • Date: 2014
  • Partners: Listen Technologies

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