Hamilton City Hall - Ontario

When the Hamilton City Hall was slated for major renovations, the Council elected to replace their old conference system with something state-of-the-art that would meet the demands of the day. A Televic conference system, the same one used at the European parliament and innumerable cities, states, and nations throughout the world, won the bid and now provides Hamilton's elected officials with service that is technologically advanced, intuitive to use, and reliable, day in and day out.


The process to replace the system was a long one and involved consideration of every major conference system manufacturer.

In the end, it was clear that the Televic system offered not only sophisticated, intuitive functionality, but also a track record of reliability that was very appealing to the council members. Powered by the Televic TCS 5500 management software on a CPU 5500 central processor, Hamilton City Hall's new conference system is comprised of seventeen V5B 5500 delegate voting panels with chip card readers and two DLCD 550 chairman and deputy chairman interfaces with chip card readers. The mayor and council members each carry a chip card that they use to swipe into the system, which makes it very easy to keep track of who's who with no effort on the part of the users. The system recognizes each user and grants him or her appropriate voting and overrides privileges. The legislators cast votes through the Televic system, which automatically tallies the votes and displays them on a screen, making it clear who voted up, who voted down, and who abstained.

Hamilton City Hall's new Televic conference system delivers superior fidelity, allowing council members, the mayor, spectators, and invited speakers to focus on the substance of the conversation. Each council member and mayor's seat has its own dedicated TGM 406 gooseneck directional microphone and LS 5500 local loudspeaker.

Unlike other conference systems, the Televic system permits each component at a delegate's seat to be separated on its own panel. "It never mattered much in the past," said Quinlan. "But now most of the council members bring laptops to their seats.With Televic, we were able to arrange the voting controls, the microphone, and the loudspeaker so that a laptop wouldn't interfere." In addition, Sennheiser wireless handheld and lapel microphones are available for presenters, freeing them to move away from the podium for a more effective delivery of their message.

"The mayor, the council members, and everyone involved are in love with the sound, functionality, and reliability of the new Televic system," Quinlan summarized. "They went from a caveman system to state-of-the-art."



  • Country: Canada
  • Date: 2010
  • Partners: Sennheiser Canada